Introducing: KPH40 Utility Rhythm Beige

Introducing: KPH40 Utility Rhythm Beige

In 1970 Koss released the iconic Pro4AA which would set the standard for full size professional headphones for decades to come.

There are many things listeners across the world remember and still love about the Pro4AA, but it was it's iconic colorway coined 'Rhythm Beige' which would start a trend that would continue as a celebrated colorway for future Koss Headphones.

The acclaimed Porta Pro® Limited Edition and KPH30i also feature Rhythm Beige models.

Today, Koss Stereophones continues the tradition with the introduction of KPH40 Utility Rhythm Beige.

KPH40 Utility Rhythm Beige features the same legendary sound and stainless steel headband as the original, now in a Rhythm Beige E-Coating with Red/Blue cable entries.

Powered by Koss Utility Series, KPH40 Utility Rhythm Beige can be configured with the included detachable 3.5mm Utility Cord or the additional USB-C and Lightning Utility Cords, giving listeners the freedom and flexibly to connect to all of their devices.

KPH40 Utility Rhythm Beige is available now at and our Amazon Storefront.


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