Koss Utility Series

No Compatibility Concerns.
No Audio Compromises.
No Batteries.

The Koss Utility Series is an all-new way to experience The Sound of Koss. Three new headphones, three new cords, one seamless experience where everything works together.

How it works

  • Pick a Headphone

    The all-new KPH40 Utility, KEB90 Utility and Porta Pro® Utility feature a detachable cord system, giving you the flexibility to connect to the devices you own now, or in the future.

  • Choose Your Cord

    Get listening right away with the included 3.5mm standard headphone jack cord. Need something different? Bundle the addition USB-C or Lightning Utility cord with your Utility headphone purchase and save.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to connect to the devices you own now, or in the future and never worry about batteries, the wrong connector or compromising audio quality again. 

  • Three New Headphones.

    Introducing: KPH40 Utility, KEB90 and Porta Pro® Utility. Three new headphones designed to work with your favorite smartphone, tablet, laptop or gaming device. Each delivers an incredibly expansive soundscape with deep bass and crisp highs. That's The Sound of Koss®.

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  • Three New Cords.

    Koss Utility Series features a detachable cord system giving listeners the flexibility to switch easily between multiple devices. Get listening right away with the included 3.5mm Utility cord. Need something different? Bundle the additional USB-C or Lightning Utility cords with your headphone purchase. 

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  • Many Devices. One Seamless Experience.

    We all have different devices, but not every device we have shares the same headphone port. Because Koss Utility Series uses a detachable cord system, listeners can seamlessly swap cords and switch back and forth between all of their devices. Never deal with the wrong plug again.

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  • The Future Never Sounded So Good.

    Koss Utility Series Headphones are not only designed with The Sound of Koss® in mind, but engineered to be lightweight, portable and most importantly durable. The entire Koss Utility Series line is built for the future and is backed by an industry leading Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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  • Plug and Play.

    Koss USB-C and Lightning Utility cords feature an in-line mic + remote for taking calls and controlling your music. Lightning Utility cord is MFi Certified for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

    Enjoy high resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio with a built in DAC on the USB-C Utility cord.

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