The History of Rhythm Beige

The History of Rhythm Beige

In 1970 Koss released the iconic Pro4AA headphones which would set the standard for full size professional headphones for decades to come.

They were introduced as the first dynamic headphones to deliver true full frequency and high fidelity performance with impressive noise isolating capabilities. Retired in the late ’80s, Koss swiftly returned the Pro4AA headphones to its product lineup due to overwhelming popular demand and have since remained a staple of studio headphones in the radio and recording industries.

There are many things fans across the world remember and still love about the Pro4AA, but it was it's iconic color coined as 'Rhythm Beige' that would start a trend that would continue as a celebrated color-way for future Koss Headphone models.

In 1984 Koss released the acclaimed Porta Pro®, and since it's release, Porta Pro® has set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide.

Designed for those with refined musical taste, the Porta Pro® continues to be one of the most popular headphones around the world.

In July of 2017 Koss fans voted on five different concepts for a limited edition version of the Porta Pro® and after thousands of votes, Koss would release a new version of it's Porta Pro® Classic in the same iconic Rhythm Beige colorway as the Pro4AA.

Fast forward to October 2017, fourty-seven years after the introduction of the Pro4AA, Koss Headphones announced their newest On-Ear Headphone the KPH30i to great fanfare.

The KPH30i is a direct descendant of the Koss Pro35 and popular KTXPro1. With all-new modern features like an in-line microphone and remote, the KPH30i keeps listeners connected all while enjoying their favorite tunes.

To celebrate the launch of it's newest headphone, a special version of the KPH30i would be available in iconic Rhythm Beige.


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