Porta Pro® Limited Edition Rhythm BeigeOn Ear Headphones

The acclaimed Porta Pro® Limited Edition is more than two new colorways, it features an inline microphone, remote and attenuating volume control. Included with the Porta Pro® Limited Edition is an all-new hard compact carrying case (standard pouch also included).

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The Porta Pro® Limited Edition ships direct only from Koss.com in Limited Edition, direct to consumer packaging. Koss fans throughout the world voted on five different concepts for a limited edition version of the Koss Porta Pro®. After thousands of votes – the winner was: a tie! We wrestled with the next steps and ultimately decided to produce both (Black Gold & Rhythm Beige).

The Koss Porta Pro® has set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide. Designed for those with refined musical taste, the Porta Pro® continues to be one of the most popular headphones around the world. Designed for extended comfort, the Porta Pro® Limited Edition has adjustable temporal pads to relieve pressure on the ears. Its lightweight, open-air cushions for hear-through sound keep listeners aware of their surroundings while delivering exceptional sound. The oxygen free copper voice coils and dynamic elements allow the Porta Pro® Limited Edition to deliver rich bass and a remarkably wide frequency response. Whether you’re listening at home or on the go, the Koss Porta Pro® Limited Edition delivers all the excitement of a live performance.

PORTA PRO® is Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is a trademark of Koss Corporation in other countries.


Customer Reviews

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Never received a refund after I cancelled the order.

ben perez

Great quality in sound, aesthetic and durability, probably my favorite headphones, perfect for walking around

Diane Kang
Wired Headphones Comeback 2024 let's goooo

feels light but still quality to touch and in hardware. comfortable. feel like the value for what you pay matches pretty well. and I get compliments on them from an aesthetic standpoint alone :)

poh ning lu



Exactly what it says on the box. Good sound, well made just as comfortable as some other styles

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