Porta Pro® UtilityOn Ear Headphones

The Porta Pro® Utility Series On-Ear Headphone is an all-new way to experience the Sound of Koss®. 

Save on the additional Utility Series USB-C or Lightning cord by adding them to your cart at checkout.

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The Koss Porta Pro® Utility On-Ear Headphone is part of the Koss Utility Series, an all-new listening experience that features three new headphones, three new cords and one seamless experience where everything works together. No batteries, no audio compromises, no compatibility issues. It's that simple. 

Included with every Koss Utility Series Headphones is a detachable 3.5mm standard headphone jack cord.

Need more options? Add the available USB-C or Lightning Utility cords (includes in-line microphone & remote) to your cart at checkout and connect to other devices you own.

Koss Utility Series features a detachable cord system giving listeners the flexibility to seamlessly swap between devices, allowing you to connect to the devices you own now or in the future.

For over 40 years, listeners around the world have recognized Koss's dedication to sound accuracy.

The all-new Koss Porta Pro® Utility celebrates that dedication with an incredibly expansive open-air soundstage with deep bass and crisp highs that will blow you away.

What's Included? Porta Pro® Utility, 3.5mm Utility Cord.

  • 15-25,000 Hz
  • 101 dB SPL
  • 60 Ohms
  • 4 ft / 1.2 m

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Siper Flexible cable

The cable of the newer ones is very flexilble, at cold temperatures, too.
It is a.big advantage in comparison to the older ones, because I don't feel it anymore.
So the comfort has become better than 5 years ago.
For me the best compact and portable headphone ever, you can enjoy the special sound for hours.
60 grams is for this sound still unbeatable - over 40 years long and I don't find a better one!


i did not receive the item, the reseller did not answer me at all when i asked why the parcel is not arriving...

Alexandre Robert
Just... perfect.

Simply one of, if not THE, best headphone in terms of value for money on the market. Absolutely excellent in every way. Perfectly balanced and authentic sound, lightweight, foldable, and all the drawbacks of the old Porta Pro have been fixed: the headphone no longer pull your hair, the cable is flat so it doesn't break, and the sound quality is still top-notch. In short, everything is extremely well thought out. I also really appreciate the slightly retro look with this translucent design that adds to its charm. I highly recommend it to anyone who is hesitating. You can go for it with your eyes closed !

Daniil Malin
Good price for not so good plastic (As opposed to classic/headset Porta Pro)

- Porta Pros (They scream earlier Sony walkman headphones era)
- Good sound profile (If you like bass heavy - these cans are for you, although might seem muddy on lower ends)
- Comfortable (Most people say that they pinch hair, but I haven't had a haircut for atleast a year and they never bit their owner ever since I bought them)
- Good value on Black Friday (Cop those and you will not regret paying half the price of initial 50 dollars)
- Lifetime Warranty (No matter the day and age - you are covered. The reason for its usage will be explained further in cons)
- Weaker plastic (These bad boys were utilized by me on a daily basis and we had a fun journey until today, I've owned this particular pair for atleast 6 months now and their left ear plastic piece broke off, which all happened while I was taking them off.. As careful as I tried to be with them - this one particular movement was just a finished to their hardware. My other pair of Porta Pro Communication had no such issues.)

All in all - you get the signature Porta Pro's sound, have an ability to switch cables (For an additional price, however) and have a funky color scheme going on (Left - Blue, Right - Red, semi-transparent plastic chassis) - all of which make these Porta Pro stand out. But be aware - these seem to be more stiff when it comes to the headband's expansion and arms/legs folding (Which may result to same situation as I got going on in pictures, but mine broke after I took them off my head, never folded them in order to preserve them). My verdict - get a 3.5 to Type-C/Lightning and enjoy the music you love with no additional price for cables or returns.

Diego Abraham Macias

Quality sound

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal