Interview: Grace Weber

Interview: Grace Weber

Singer/Songwriter Grace Weber recently released the first single "Feels Like Heaven"(available now on all music platforms) from her highly anticipated upcoming album.

We linked up with Grace to chat about the excitement surrounding the release of her new single, what people can expect from the new album and some of the challenges as a creator over the recent year.

Congratulations on the announcement of your new album! How excited are you to finally share it with the World?

Thank you!! I can't even quantify how excited I am, it's too much!!

The making of this album has been a really cool and at times wild journey, but I really do feel ready to release it now and I think the timing is just right.

One of my favorite quotes is about the timing of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly..."The caterpillar enjoys the energy of being grounded as much as it will enjoy the energy of being a butterfly in the sky...every phase of the cycle is equally as necessary as the next. You will have less worry in your life when you can appreciate all of the moments of becoming who you are." I think art also has its own cycle of becoming...and this album is now ready to fly out into the world.

Tell us about the first single off the new album "Feels Like Heaven"

My first single, "Feels Like Heaven", was actually the last song that got added to the album. I felt like it was the right first single to lead the project because it's about stepping into a new space and really embracing the growth after getting to the other side of something hard. It was sort of my re-introduction and a cool and super positive way for me to announce being independent again and the start of rolling out my album. There are a lot of themes of resilience on this album, so this song being about making it through and celebrating not giving up felt like the exact right way to kick off the album.

What was the writing process like this time around vs previous times?

Feels Like Heaven is a song I wrote with a couple other amazing writers and artists: Yas, KOLE, and Brooke Villanyi and I worked on the lyrics and melody together and Mike Daley and Mitchell Owens did the production.

I love getting to collaborate with other dope artists during the writing process because it always pushes me to grow as a writer and I get this incredible opportunity to learn from my peers and writers I look up to. It also makes the release process really fun too because everyone is supporting each other on the roll out - the whole process ends up being a team effort.

What can people expect from the new album?

I think people can expect my best and most vulnerable work yet. They can also expect to hear the most incredible production from Nate Fox, Nico Segal, Peter Cottontale, Garren Langford, and more. I hope the project takes people on a journey as they listen to it from top to bottom, I made sure to order the songs in a way that pulls the whole narrative of the album together. I hope maybe it helps put anyone who listens to it into a beautiful space.

What was the most challenging part when it came to writing/producing this album?

I think the hardest part was having patience to let the album become what it was going to become.

There were so many times where I tried rushing it or forcing it to be finished when it just wasn't ready. I had to learn to let this project unfold and bloom in the way it needed to, in its own time, like the caterpillar. Once I started accepting that process, I started to see the music come together in a way that I couldn't before, and it all started lining up.

What was the easiest part?

The easiest part was starting. Working with Nate and Nico was like a creative waterfall. Just so many ideas would flow out of me any time Nate would pull up a new track or Nico would start laying down horns. It was like up to the point of meeting those guys I had always been holding myself back or I had a wall up blocking me from my true self as an artist...and then once I met them I was finally able to let it all go and be myself.

Will there be any more singles before the album drops?

Yes!! Two more singles before the full album, the next one is coming just around the corner....I can't wait!!

Your favorite song off the new album?

Ooo I think my favorite song might be the last track on the album...or maybe it's this next single I'm putting out! Oooo I don't know! I seriously love them all. Some I like performing live more than others, but each one holds a special place in my heart for different reasons.

When will your new album be available?

I'm announcing soon...get ready ?

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