Koss Design Stories: KPH30i Clear

Koss Design Stories: KPH30i Clear


The popularity of the acclaimed Koss KPH30i has quickly risen since it's introduction in 2017, and its not hard to see why.

Not only does KPH30i feature an ultra lightweight design with incredibly spacious sound and functional features like an in-line microphone and remote, but it's also available in a myriad of colorways to fit any personal style.

To celebrate the continued popularity of the KPH30i, Koss has designed a brand new colorway, the all-new Koss KPH30i Clear.

Featuring the same lightweight chassis, sound signature and features as the original, the Koss KPH30i Clear on-ear headphone was designed to let listeners not only hear their music, but see the unique acoustical engineering otherwise hidden inside.

The idea behind KPH30i Clear stems from a very popular type of pen in the pen community called "demonstrator" which allows users to see the inner workings and mechanics.

Until now, KPH30i listeners could only 'hear the Sound of Koss.' The all-new KPH30i Clear builds on that experience by giving listeners a glimpse into what's inside and a chance to truly appreciate everything that makes KPH30i one of the most popular Koss Headphones around the world.

Calling attention to transparent and durable parts, both left and right 60 ohm, 15-25,000 Hz drivers are visible in separate red & blue colors calling back to the design language of previous iconic Koss Stereophones such as the Pro4/AAPorta Pro® Limited Edition and HV/1A.

The rest stays true to the original. The patent pending suspension and open-air design provides listeners with smooth bass and clean treble. Plug in the KPH30i using the rugged cable system with spring reinforced strain relief that is built to last.

The all-new KPH30i Clear colorway is available NOW on Koss.com and Amazon.com.


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