Interview: Harleys Co: HH Clothing x Milwaukee Home x Koss

Interview: Harleys Co: HH Clothing x Milwaukee Home x Koss

HH Clothing Co./Harleys stores have been cornerstones in their communities for over 70 years. We sat down with Jeff Brand, C.O.O. of Harleys Co./Milwaukee Home to talk about their history, their future and the Koss + Milwaukee Home Headphones and Speaker.

What does it mean to now be the future of another iconic brand in Milwaukee?

We jumped at the opportunity to take over the brand. We loved how the brand represented the very essence of Milwaukee Hometown Pride and wanted to help carry on the tradition.

What was the reasoning behind expanding your stores to include the Milwaukee Home brand?

We love the following that MilwaukeeHome has. It gave us a unique opportunity to welcome the MilwaukeeHome customer into our store and show them our other love, Men's Fashion.

Why do you think fashion is such an important part of self expression?

I believe that fashion really allows a person to show the world who they are at first glance. Your fashion choices allow you to showcase your personality without the need to speak.

The Milwaukee Home brand has gained so much attention in the city, why do you think this is?

People in Milwaukee are proud of our hometown. We have some of the best people and cultures on display in Milwaukee.

Favorite part about Milwaukee?

Summer! Summer in Milwaukee is hard to beat. With the lakefront, Summerfest, all the Ethnic Festivals, tailgating, Beer Gardens and spending time with the family, It's by far and away my Favorite part of Milwaukee.

How is Harleys collaborating with Koss Headphones?

We are proud to keep the collaboration Koss Headphones has with MilwaukeeHome. We have a really great display filled with the Milwaukee Home branded Headphones and Bluetooth Speakers right in store where you can try them on and try them out.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about Harleys?

Harleys has been in business since 1948. The two founding Brothers, HARold and stanLEY, combined their names to come up with the store name HARLEYS.

Where do you see the Milwaukee Home brand in 10 years?

I would love if the brand is still a symbol of Pride in Milwaukee as it is today. We have formed another division of MilwaukeeHome, City Home Apparel, that will allow us to expand what the brand has done in Milwaukee to other cities around the country. Follow HH Clothing Co./Harleys stores on Facebook & Instagram.

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