Best Koss Headphones for Travelers in 2022

Best Koss Headphones for Travelers in 2022

A good pair of headphones should be at the top of everyones list of travel essentials, but finding the perfect pair can often be cumbersome and confusing.

Whether you're shopping for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, things like noise isolation, connectivity, comfort, portability and battery life become important features.

To make things easier, we've put together this list of top Koss Headphones for travelers in 2022.

Utility Series

Great ForMultiple Device Connectivity, Audiophiles, Portability, Gaming, Long Commutes, No Charging Concerns

Koss Utility Series is an all-new way to experience the sound of Koss. Three new headphones. Three new detachable cords. One seamless experience where everything works together. Never worry about connectivity issues, audio compromises or batteries again. 



QZ Buds Noise Cancelling In-Ear Buds 

Great For: Airplanes, Noise Cancellation, Noise Isolation, Travelers, Phone Connectivity

Koss Noise Cancelling QZBuds are designed to cancel-out unwanted noises allowing listeners to relax and focus on what matters. Activating Monitor Mode allows listeners to hear what’s going on around them without needing to remove their headphones. Stay connected with the in-line microphone and remote.



Porta Pro® Classic On-Ear Headphones

Great ForAudiophiles, Portability, Budget Travelers, Comfort

Porta Pro® continues to be the headphone of choice for travelers around the world, so if portability, comfort and audio quality are at the top of your list, the iconic Porta Pro® Classic won't let you down. For those who need to stay connected, Porta Pro® Utility offers optional detachable USB-C and Lightning cords with in-line microphone and remote.



BT115i Wireless Bluetooth® In-Ear Buds

Great ForNoise Isolation, Phone Connectivity, Comfort, Budget Travelers

The Koss BT115i Wireless Bluetooth® In-Ear Buds feature 6+ hours of battery life, In-Line Microphone & Remote and includes three cushion sizes included (Small, Medium & Large) to ensure the perfect fit.



KPH7 Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones

Great For: Long Commutes, Phone Connectivity, Budget Travelers, Comfort 

The Koss KPH7 Wireless packs powerful wireless sound into a portable, affordable, fold-flat design that delivers up to 18+ hour battery life, Bluetooth® 5.0 and on-board microphone with Integrated controls for taking calls and controlling your music. KPH7 Wireless is the perfect accessory for long flights and budget conscience listeners. 



KPH30i On-Ear Headphones

Great ForKids, Audiophiles, Phone Connectivity, Comfort, Budget Travelers

The acclaimed Koss KPH30i On-Ear Headphones provide incredible sound coupled with a lightweight, adjustable design. An in-line microphone and remote keeps listeners connected while enjoying their favorite tunes. With an all-new rugged cable system and spring reinforced strain relief, KPH30i is the ultimate durable travel headphone.



KSC35 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Great ForKids, Audiophiles, Budget Travelers, Comfort

The KSC35 Wireless On-Ear Headphones feature state of the art Bluetooth® hardware and software. Listeners can stay connected with up to 6+ hours of battery life, in-line microphone and remote for taking calls and controlling music. 



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