Design Stories: Porta Pro Utility

Design Stories: Porta Pro Utility



For over 30 years the acclaimed Koss Porta Pro® has set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide.

Introduction in 1984, Porta Pro® was developed to take personal listening to a whole new level, and Koss continues that legacy with the all-new Porta Pro® Utility, because great sound never goes out of style. 

Designing Porta Pro® Utility meant taking everything fans love about the original Porta Pro® even further.

Porta Pro® Utility uses the power of Koss Utility Series to give listeners the freedom and flexibility to connect to all the different devices they own.

Featuring a detachable cord system, users can connect to virtually any device with the included 3.5mm standard headphone jack cord or the available USB-C or Lightning Utility cords.

Modern features like an in-line mic and remote are found on the additional USB-C and Lightning Utility cords, and audiophiles can enjoy 24bit/96kHz high fidelity audio with the built-in DAC found on the USB-C Utility cord.    

Porta Pro® Utility not only needed to sound good as well as introduce new connectivity solutions, but it had to look good too.

A slightly modified version of the elements used in the original Porta Pro® would power Porta Pro® Utility featuring a unique red and blue colorway.

The semi-transparent frame and black headband would give Porta Pro® Utility a sleek, modern refresh while not tampering with the comfort and portability listeners have come to expect.

The all-new Porta Pro® Utility takes everything fans love about the original Porta Pro to the next level with a modern design, modern features and the power to connect to the different devices we all use on a daily basis. 

Whether you’re listening at home or on the go, on your phone or on your computer, Porta Pro® Utility delivers all the excitement of a live performance, with out compromising audio quality, compatibility or comfort.

That's the all-new Porta Pro® Utility.


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