UR40Over Ear Headphones

Heavyweight sound intensity teams with an ultra-lightweight design to create the ultimate in on-the-go listening, the Koss UR40. With improved signal transmission and conduction for a clean and clear sound, these headphones will minimize mechanical distortion and ensure exceedingly accurate sound reproduction.

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Featuring a hybrid design, the UR40 integrate the best of closed and open style headphones. Closed leatherette ear cushions form a tight seal around the ears to enhance bass frequencies, while screened ear cups provide an open, hear-through sound that keeps you in tune with your surroundings. The result: a clean, full frequency, great sound that turns every recording into a “live” performance.

At just over six ounces, the Koss UR40 headphones wear comfortably, store easily, and travel lightly. Titanium sound in a collapsible, lightweight package.


Customer Reviews

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UR40 : A great multipurpose headphone (even for audiophiles)

Bought my UR40 back in early 2000's basically for gaming purposes since I didn't want to use my worn out in-ears (silicone?) Koss headphones.
I ended using not only for games but also for listening music - rock, jazz, classical.
The range of sound is spectacular, while being able to hear the surroundings sounds outside the headphones.
The construction is very, very lightweight which is a bonus for comfort.
The colapsable structure is a win for portability, allied to the small shell profile.
Fast forward almost 20 years and my son uses it, after my wife used it while at work.
The structure has suffered in the articulation, as well as in the net support/connections but eventually was mended.
The product, as new, is a solid, lightweight and portable one.
The price is appropriate for the overall construction and sound output.
I vividly recommend it!

Best ones so far

Welp my school teacher gave these as a gift for my birthday and I gotta say the sound is clearer than any lake on the planet,the comfort is on high level almost feels like your ears are in a vip class seat in an Boeing 767 also it's hit for the ears so u can wear these headphones at winter to keep your ears warm and yes I'm not a bot buy I'm not sure about the other comments-dont think,buy them!

Steve Cummings
clean sound

Lightweight and a large cup for big ears. I bought them for the comfort, but the open style makes the sound so clear! I think my 'shopping around for headphones' days are over....bought another one for the wife!

Francisco Aguilar
Great Sound lite weight

This stereo headphones can be used for listen music, monitor, mix, etc. They are very practical due to it folds and can be carried out with no problem for traveling. Also this headphones are very confortable and lite weight. Great sound very balanced through the range of frequencies it reproduce. In sum, great headphones for a good price. (I got it on Amazon Mexico).

Leo Ventyk
The best headphones - UR40

I have several headphones from different companies. KOSS UR40 is my favorite one.

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal