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The Koss Porta Pro® Communication Headset features a flexible, hands-free electret boom microphone and connects to devices through a simple 3.5mm TRRS plug that works with modern desk phones, computers and tablets.

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The Koss Porta Pro® Communication Headset features a flexible, hands-free electret boom microphone with detailed sensitivity and reduced sound distortion is perfect for multi-taskers. 

The Koss Porta Pro® Communication Headset headphones connect to devices through a simple 3.5mm TRRS plug that works with modern desk phones, computers and tablets. 

The Koss Porta Pro® Communication Headset also features Comfort Zone adjustable temporal pads to relieve pressure on the ears as well as a collapsible design for ultimate portability


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Brandon Harris
The BEST Headset under $100!

Alright, I've been an avid headphones enthusiast over the years (Sennheiser 560S's are the most expensive I've gone up to.) and during my search for great audio at a good price I quickly found several people talking about Koss.

I initially tried out the KPH30i's (due to several online friend recommendations) and was depressed when I saw the look and feel of them in person. (They seriously look like library headphones, and felt even cheaper.) And then I tried playing music through them, and EVERYTHING changed. I stood in silence and amazement at the quality of music through them. (They actually somehow sounded better than my $200 Sennheisers. And they were nearly 6x cheaper!?) Thus started my love for the Koss brand.

I later proceeded to get the KSC75s for my VR setup (also fantastic headphones, btw) and I still use them.

However, every product has its flaws. Koss's main flaw in their products appears to be durability. Both of these products while being great are not built to last forever sadly. (Mostly from the thin cables) Thus, my search for a more durable option had me discover these headphones.

The Porta Pros are a more durable option than the other more popular Koss products. Fitted with a metal band (which doesn't actually feel uncomfortable on your head??) and pads that swivel, you get a comfortable fit regardless of your head shape! The cable also appears to be a bit thicker than their other products making these the most durable of the bunch I've tried! (The cable will still likely be the first to go though, so keep that in mind.)

The Porta Pros are more bass tuned than any of Koss's other headphones, and while it took a bit to get used to I have found them to be my favorite of the bunch. Everything just sounds fun with them, with a good amount of detail all around. Also while it has a good amount of bass, it's NOT overkill. This is what bassy headphones should sound like.

Comfort wise I would recommend getting Yaxi Pads (Yes, you'll see dozens of people recommend these pads - but it's for GOOD REASON.) The standard ones are small and a bit uncomfortable. Yaxi Pads are larger and significantly more comfortable for long sessions. I can wear them for HOURS and still forget they are on my head. Amazing. The ONLY downside to comfort is the metal band has a chance of pulling out hair if you adjust them while being on your head. You can avoid this by adjusting them to your liking and then placing them on your head. Annoying at first, but soon enough you get used to it and it's not that bad.

Now, one thing I want to make a big point on is the Microphone. The other Koss products I've tried have all had bad mics. Or nothing to write home about, anyways. This time around though, they knocked it out of the ball park! The mic sounds great! They are surprisingly the best mic I've ever used in a headset, actually! They sound very clear, fantastic for either a work setting or for playing games with your friends!

As an overall package this headset is one of the best you can buy under $100 full stop. From the sound quality, build quality, mic quality, portability (Did I mention they fold up into a ball yet?,) and how comfortable they are with the Yaxi Pads; they have absolutely everything you need to play games, do work, listen to music, or watch movies comfortably without sacrificing sound quality.

This is the best product Koss has released IMO, and I will not be searching for any other headphones after having owned these. They are the best headphones I've ever owned, and they will likely be perfect for many others as well! Highly recommended.


Very clear and powerful. Love the sound quality

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