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The Koss KSC35 ear clip headphones deliver outstanding sound quality at home or on the move. The ear clip headphones feature pivoting ear plates with soft foam ear cushions that guarantee an open hear-through sound and let you stay connected to your surroundings.

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Active headphones for the active listener, the Koss KSC35s feature dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response of 15-25,000 Hz. You’ll revel in the high fidelity sound quality they offer, and love the superior volume – even with low-voltage portable devices. The perfect convenience for travelling music lovers, KSC35 earclip headphones come equipped with a protective carrying case for when you need to grab them and go.


Customer Reviews

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charles yau

Beautiful sound, valuable price.

Great sounding unique headphones

The are the best sounding headphone of this type (low profile over ear) that I have found.

Geert Jansen
Even better sound then KSC75

Why this set cost more then double the price of comparable KSC75, is a mistery. There is just a few bucks price difference between KSC35 wired and Bluetooth version. At normal pricepoint, as KSC75, these will soon gain reputation for their powerful Sound of Koss that makes you wonder why the PortaPro takes so much credit :) Koss should explain high price or half that price tag and sell 4 times as many sets!
I have would like KPH40 headband version

Great quality

I love koss headphones! The ear clips are such great quality and the sound isn't metallic or muffled at all! I really appreciate that Koss offers so many different style options and headphone types.

Sounds great

But when on phone calls, both parties hear echo when talking. The mic is too close to ear pieces.

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal