GMR-545-AIR USBGaming Headphones

The Koss GMR-545-AIR USB Open-Back Gaming Headphones are specifically designed and engineered to create a realistic environment for expansive gaming experiences.
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The The GMR-545-AIR USB features new custom tuned elements and open-back design, the GMR-545-AIR USB Gaming Headphones deliver open, wide-ranging 3D sound for captivating gaming immersion. An ultra lightweight design with an all-new custom fitting sling allows the GMR-545-AIR USB to be worn for hours of gaming and extended use.

The over-ear design has the iconic Koss “D-Profile” earcup which mimics the shape of the ear to create the perfect seal and lasting comfort. The GMR-545-AIR USB also features a detachable cord design and comes equipped with two cords: an 8-foot extended cable with a boom microphone (USB Plug) and a 4-foot standard headphone cable with the Koss 1-touch microphone (with standard USB plug).


Customer Reviews

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Over all I like them.

I own a pair of these for a few months now and have been using them every day fir that long. Here are some pros and cons.

-super lightweight.
-mike sounds pretty good and has some metal components
-sounds good and are easy to power
-open back so sound seem farther away giving you a deeper sound stage
-mike is removable and you can plug into a normal jack

-open back means no noise canceling at all. If somebody is speaking to you it's like you aren't wearing them
-bass isn't punchy again open back headphones normally have problems with low end bass.
-mike hooks up to a earphone jack so kinda weird it just hangs there.
-the head band has a stiff spring. Maybe too stiff for the ultra light earphones
-plastic everywhere

In concussion if you are looking for an open back gaming experience then this is a good spot to start seeing that open back gaming headsets usually starts at twice the price I paid for these.

I would recommend these. I enjoy mine

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