ESP950Over Ear Headphones

The pinnacle of audio reproduction, the acclaimed Koss ESP/950 Electrostatic headphone system sets the standard for electrostatic headphones.
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The ESP/950 feature Koss’s revolutionary electrostatic transducer design, which includes unique materials and construction for mechanical damping and a proprietary semi-conductive diaphragm coating for an ultra-flat frequency response across the entire range. 

That means deep, clean bass with remarkable power and unmatched sound quality. What else would you expect from the people who introduced the world to private listening?

Not only do these professional headphones provide extremely low distortion, they also offer unbeatable sound quality and reproduction for an utterly unique listening experience.

Included with the ESP/950 is the leather carrying case for easy storage and portability. 


Customer Reviews

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Zachary Bowen
amazing sound

For the price these things sound amazing. The carrying case is nice also. I will never go back to normal headphones (except for my cl/80's and ports pros)

Paul French
The Lord of the Ears

Without being too verbose, the ESP950 by KOSS are hands down the best pair of headphones I have ever witnessed. From the unboxing experience to the obscene hi-fidelity, I cannot gush more about these pair of cans.

I have been spoiled and any other headphones will sound muddy and small. Thank you for ruining my life, KOSS.

10/10 would buy again.

Ryan J.
It's hard to go back now

These are my favorite sound signature of anything I own now.

Best headphone in the world - Koss never stop making these!

Best headphone in the world.

George Lincoln
A Real Deal When On Sale

Buy it on sale. It's a bargain with a complete setup. Leather bag, strap, etc., to hold everything when traveling. Great to take on a long car trip (assume as a passenger) or train. Only company that does this. The sound is what you get on whatever medium it plays on and basically as flat as anything out there - meaning you don't get a "fake" made up sound and is TRUE on its end. It's clear, precise, open, and musically flows.
I don't know why people complain about the controls. It's two concentric separate volume controls to adapt to anyone's uneven hearing. Turn one or the other up or down and when you get it set to your liking you just turn the two as one as it is made to do.
It comes with everything to play whatever medium you have. It is light due to it's plastic construction. Anymore and you'll be paying through the roof for it. It IS nicely constructed and looks very good and can find no fault in its looks, really and if you ask me the ear cushions that come with it look the best and the most elegant. Don't change it out. It is very comfortable.
The amplifier is also nicely constructed for the price. The face plate scratches very easily and I would not recommend you wipe it with anything. For what you get and the price I can think of NO better deal on the market and this is speaking for decades it has been made. However, I would not put too much faith in the warranty.

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal