Koss x Retrospekt P/21 Retro On Ear Headphones

Together Koss x Retrospekt have developed an all-new on-ear with a vintage soul and modern mindset. Available exclusively through Retrospekt.com.
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For Koss great sound never goes out of style, and for fellow Milwaukee-based Retrospekt neither do the vintage elections it faithfully restores.

Milwaukee based Retrospekt has been giving new life, new purpose and a revived experience that refuses to be pushed out by the whims of the latest technological trend.

Together Koss and Retrospekt have developed an all-new on-ear headphone that brings back the audio experience and visual aesthetic of the vintage electronics Retrospekt revitalizes and is available exclusively at Retrospekt.com.

Featuring incredibly spacious sound and a classic retro look, the all-new Koss x Retrospekt Retro On-Ear Headphone is designed for portable on-the-go listening. Whether you're listening on a newly restored cassette player, boombox or portable game system or on a modern smartphone or computer, the Koss x Retrospect On-Ear Headphone will have heads turning while they're on your head.

  • 30-17,000 Hz
  • 32 Ohms
  • 104 dB SPL
  • 4ft. Cord
  • Warranty