UR20Over Ear Headphones

Well suited for professional DJs seeking sound intensity and bass, the Koss UR20 Full Size noise isolating headphones are every bit as well suited for any music lover. Designed to endure the rigors of a recording session, these closed headphones just as easily enhance typical listening sessions. 

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With an extended frequency response, closed leatherette ear cushions and great sound, the lightweight UR20 noise isolating headphones are suitable for any level of music enthusiast.

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There comfortable great sound. Like them a lot

George B.
Great Ham Radio Headsets

I have owned a set of Panasonic Noise Cancelling headphones since 2009 and thought they were good. They recently started to pull apart. No surprise. I looked for a pair of lower cost headphones for my Ham radio work that completely enclosed the ears, were compfortable and worked well. I found the UR20's and thought I would try them for the price. I was amazed how well they work. They seal off all noise around me and really enhance my listening. I can hear very faint radio stations now. I threw the old pair into the trash.

Probably the best in this price range for many decades

I use UR20 some 20 years and can say that they provide a better sound than many 2-3 times more expensive models by other manufacturers. They are also quite durable. The only bad thing is that PU film peels off the pads after when they turn their 8-10 years, but it finally falls off completely and there are no issues then. Those who love "new" look, can purchase the new pads and glue on instead of old ones, these are available on the market.

Koss UR20 headphones

We usually purchased this item in store but they stip carrying them like so many other things we use. Anyway my son loves these pair for comfort, size, long cord length is #1 reason. And sound quality. He takes good care of his things. But things do brake and we still love the orisuct so will continue to buy especially for price range it fits our every need. Please do not ever get rid of this style and brand. So Happy we found on your actual site Thanks

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal