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The Pro4S Studio Headphone is specifically crafted for professionals who use headphones every day to create the world's greatest music. Featuring the all-new SLX40 element, tuned for reference, the Pro4S Studio Headphone delivers an incredibly accurate and unbiased sound, perfect for any studio or creative environment.
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The Pro4S Studio Headphone features the natural fitting, iconic “D-profile” earcup, first featured on the ergonomically designed Koss Pro4AAA. The D-profile mimics the shape of the ear, creating an ideal seal for the most consistent sound reproduction and an incredibly natural fit for extended creative sessions.

Designed for the rigors and wear of professional use, the Pro4S Studio Headphone features an incredibly rugged mechanical design using the most durable materials. Aluminum earcups with memory foam cushions wrapped in soft protein leather make the Pro4S Studio Headphone structurally strong but incredibly comfortable.

An all-new integrated, metal-on-metal assembly of the headphone makes the Pro4S Studio Headphone extremely robust in areas where other headphones often fail. The metal headband is cushioned by soft foam wrapped in breathable mesh, perfect for extended use.

The Pro4S Studio Headphone features a detachable cord with dual-choice entry, allowing the user to choose which earcup to connect to for optimum adaptability. Once the cord is attached, the opposite side becomes an output, allowing pass-through listening or daisy chaining for extended monitoring.

The Pro4S Studio Headphone folds flat into a travel case for easy portability. (6.3 mm adapter also included)


Customer Reviews

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Samuel Clements
Amazing sound

Truly incredible sound. Clarity is excellent. Bass is very accurate. Construction of headphones is high quality, lightweight, and comfortable. They look really nice too.

The cord input on the headphones is a little finicky. I have noticed with multiple cords the connection isn’t fully secure. So I wouldn’t recommend moving around too much when using these. But perfect for stationary listening at home or office.

Great sound, feel, but...

This is more of a long term review. I've been using these for about two years now, the pros I will give are the sound quality, look, and h9w they feel wrapped around my head. They are also very good at keeping sound in, and keeping most noise out, they aren't noise canceling, but I wasn't looking for that so doesn't matter.

The bad, unfortunately build quality, that's about it. The spiral cord given with the headset broke after it was over extended once, I had to buy an adapter to fit a decent quality auxiliary cable in, most male connections aren't small enough or tapered eneough to fit in the deep seated female port.
The next is the material wrapping around the cross member section that sits on top of the head, it started freying and falling off after a few months of having them, kinda poor quality since they basically don't leave my desk let alone travel with them. Hopefully this is taken as constructive criticism by koss! Overall I like all their products, good reliable and affordable, and wide verity.

clay reeves
Koss .PRO4AA headphones

Aloha, I have owned the above headphones for over 20 years. Without question they have been absolutely perfect every time I listen with them. Being a critical music fan,. these headphones give me a thorough appreciation of really serious classical music. They work great

Mark Stepanek
Great cans, but if only...

I've had these headphones for the better part of a year and am really enjoying them, but better than that is how they fill the bill when it comes to why I bought them in the first place, which was to have a good quality pair of reliable, versatile, reference, closed headphones, that were designed for portability. They sound great, they look great, no problem with build or material quality, but there are two issues I wish they had thought out a little better. First is the cabling, and I like that the cable is detachable, and can be plugged into either side, but the actual receptacle is recessed in the housing such that you can't simply swap out an aftermarket cable because it very likely won't fit the narrow opening. So, instead of using one extra long straight aftermarket cable when I'm at school and the coiled cable has insufficient reach, I've got two cables strung together, which is longer than I need and ends up being sort of a nuisance....a minor problem, admittedly. Secondly, I'm glad they fold flat, but it seems they didn't think this out thoroughly, because they pivot in the wrong direction. If while using them, you want to take them off for a brief period, and want to hang them around your neck, then the earpieces pivot in the wrong direction, unless you are wearing them backwards, which doesn't make a lot of sense since they went to the trouble to make them in the shape of a D to mimic our ear shape, instead of the all too common circular ear cups.


Great sound very realistic

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal