ED1TCOn Ear Headphones

Ideal for schools, libraries and training departments, the ED1TC commercial and institutional headphones incorporates a plastic ear cup that allows easy cleaning with maximum durability in a multiple user environment. Formed from highly durable ABS plastic, the ear cup creates a seal and vacuum to the ear that reduces ambient noise interference and leakage so the sound comes through loud and clear.

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The ED1TC institutional headphones feature an adjustable headband and a dynamic element for full frequency response. Ultra-durable, the cups and headband have been designed to fit a wide variety of head sizes, from children to adults, for everyday use. Improve cushions hygiene and avoid crumbling and flaking foam ear cushions with the Koss ED1TC institutional headphone.

Plastic ear clip and housing of the element can be cleaned with a soft cloth and alcohol-based cleaning solution. Care should be taken to avoid an excess liquid from entering the speaker element of the product. Highly durable ABS plastic ear cups. Reduces ambient noise interference. Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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