Porta Pro® Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones - Early Reviews

Porta Pro® Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones - Early Reviews
The reviews are in and people love the new Porta Pro® Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones. The new Porta Pro® Wireless Bluetooth Headphones take the classic Porta Pro® sound and add more control, freedom and portability with Bluetooth® connectivity, in-line controls, built-in microphone and 12+ hours of battery life. Here are the latest reviews from The Verge, SixColors and many more. Line

Paul Miller, The Verge "Porta Pros emphasize the parts of music I love."

Dan Moren, SixColors "The most impressive thing about the Porta Pro Wireless is the fidelity with which Koss has reproduced the classic Porta Pro look and feel."

Headphoneus Supremus, HeadFi "There's isn't much I can add about the sound of the Porta Pro Wireless, as I would be re-iterating everything that's been said about the Porta Pro before from many Head-Fi'ers over the years. To my ears, it's the same headphone. It's a Porta Pro, through and through... but wireless."

Prasad Naik, GSMarena "The Koss Porta Pro Wireless takes everything that's good about the Porta Pro and, well, makes them wireless."

Napier Lopez, The Next Web "If you want any evidence of how popular the Porta Pros are, just look at the 14+ year-old Head-Fi thread, or the 4.5 rating and 3,400 reviews on Amazon. Not bad for headphones released in 1984."

Chris Burns, Slash Gear "They’ve created a Bluetooth edition of the Porta Pro, spanning the decades into the future of high-fidelity personal audio earphones."

Ron Perillo, eTeknix "The fact that it is still in production after over 30 decades is a testament to its iconic status."

Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac "They are lightweight and comfortable, and they sound incredible, especially for the price."

Peter Icogo, GizGuide "Personally, I have used the Porta Pro. For me, it can still go toe-to-toe or even beat most of the competing portable headphones in it's class."

Chris Gonzalez, Tools & Toys "I wrote about the venerable Koss Porta Pro headphones, which I mentioned as having 'stubbornly stood the test of time.' That has become even more true with the release of the new wireless Porta Pros."

Jay Garrett, GadgetyNews "Have you ever tried the classic Koss Porta Pro headphones? Now they are even better for being wireless."


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