Cut The Cord: Koss Wireless Bluetooth

Cut The Cord: Koss Wireless Bluetooth
Recent technological advances have made Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones and Speakers far better sounding and much easier to use than ever before. Koss Bluetooth® Headphones and Speakers have been designed to work seamlessly with all of your devices allowing you to cut the cord and enjoy in a wires free world. Below is our current line-up of Wireless Bluetooth Products: Line

fitbuds Wireless Bluetooth® FitBuds

The Koss Wireless Bluetooth® FitBuds feature energizing wireless sound designed specifically for sports & fitness. Wireless FitBuds pair with all of your devices like Smartwatches and Tablets allowing you to go for a run or enjoy your music; and the built in microphone means you can take a call all right from your wrist.

Linebt540i kossBT540i Over-Ear Headphones

Who says Fashion and Function can't go together? The BT540i Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones continue to be our flagship Bluetooth Headphones with flagship features and looks to match. With more than 12 hours of listening time, the BT540i are the perfect headphones for traveling, editing or extended music listening. On board controls and built in mic allow for precise audio control as well as taking phone calls. The built in auxiliary input allows for wired use when trying to conserve battery life. Line

wireless-bluetooth-headphones-porta pro-kossPorta Pro® Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With more than 12 hours of listening time, in-line controls and a built-in microphone the Porta Pro® Wireless Bluetooth Headphones take the classic Porta Pro® Sound and add more control, freedom and portability. SHOP NOWLine koss bt539iBT539i Over-Ear Headphones The Koss BT539i Wireless Bluetooth® Over-Ear Headphones pack powerful wireless sound into a portable, fold-flat affordable unit. Delivering up to 12 hours of battery life, BT539i allows you to enjoy your music while staying connected using the built-in microphone and on-board controls.Line Koss BTS1 bluetooth speaker

BTS1 Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

Small enough to fit in a pocket and weighing just 0.36 lbs, the BTS1 Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker is designed specifically for portability and on-the-go use. The BTS1 Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker features a unique kickstand allowing the listener to choose between omni-directional and directional listening, providing a personalized experience for any location. SHOP NOW
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