Introducing: Koss Utility Series

Introducing: Koss Utility Series

No Compatibility Concerns.

No Audio Compromises.

No Batteries.

Introducing the all-new Koss Utility Series.

Koss Utility Series is an all-new way to experience The Sound of Koss. Three new headphones, three new cords, one seamless experience where everything works together.

It's that simple.


We've Got Options.

No headphones jack? No problem.

Included with every Koss Utility Series Headphones is a detachable 3.5mm Utility Cord for standard headphone jacks.

Need something different?

Choose the available USB-C or Lightning Utility Cord (includes in-line microphone & remote) to connect to other devices you own now, or in the future. 

Plug and Play.

Koss Utility Series features a detachable cord system giving listeners the flexibility to seamlessly swap between devices.

Smartphone? No problem.

Gaming device? No problem.

Laptop? No problem. 

The Sound of Koss.

For over 40 years, listeners around the world have recognized Koss's dedication to sound accuracy.
The all-new KPH40, Porta Pro® and KEB90 Utility celebrate that dedication with an incredibly immersive open-air soundstage with deep bass and crisp highs that will blow you away.

The Future Never Sounded So Good.

The all-new Koss Utility Series is Here

The all-new KPH40, Porta Pro® and KEB90 Utility Series Headphones are available now at and our Amazon Storefront.
Never worry that your headphones will be obsolete again.


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