Interview: AdELA - "Pretty Girls"

Interview: AdELA - "Pretty Girls"
Atlanta singer/rapper AdELA isn't letting 2020 get in the way of doing what artists like her do best - making music. AdELA is back with her latest music video "Pretty Girls" and this time she's pushed her creative boundaries during a time where being in the music business means being isolated from your fans, your studio and live performances. We sat down with AdELA to discuss life during the pandemic, the concept behind her new music video "Pretty Girls" and how's she's stayed motivated, creative and connected with fans during these troubled times.

First of all, how have you been since Koss connected with you last Summer for your music video "Different?"

I have been on a total rollercoaster ride that is 2020! I hit the ground running at the start of the year until everything came to an abrupt halt. I'm just adjusting to a new way of life and a new way of creating now.

Obviously your aren't able to perform during the pandemic, how have you stayed creative and stayed connected with your fans?

Just the lack of travel threw me off, as well as having to quarantine. But, eventually I figured out how to get creative, make new content and connect with the fans from my home in Atlanta with the help of my phone and a ton of creativity!

Tell us about your new single and music video "Pretty Girls"

I am beyond excited about this new single "Pretty Girls" as well as the release of the music video I spend so much time creating! It’s so different than anything else I've dropped before. It's upbeat, super fun and girly! I just went ALL THE WAY for all the girls out there!!!

The idea behind your new music video is extremely creative, tell us about it.

So I rarely release a song without a visual - I feel like they just go hand in hand. I knew I couldn't get my same team together for a music video because I didn't want to risk anyone’s health or safety during the pandemic, so I shot the entire music video myself on my Phone!!! Eeeek! It was extremely time consuming but so worth it and fun and I may never not shot my videos by myself on my iPhone!!!

Do you see the music industry permanently changed forever?

Absolutely. I think the world has changed and the music industry will have to follow. The good news is that people who are true creatives will find ways to push forward! In my opinion this entire process is going to weed out a lot of people who blindly follow trends.

Why was it important to partner with Koss again and give back to your fans?

Koss is iconic. As a musician sound is key. I am a huge Koss Headphones fan, I take my Pro4S Studio Headphones with me everywhere, including on the road. I really wanted my fans to feel that small piece of me with Koss. Partnering with Koss over the years and doing these headphone giveaways each time I release a new song or video is my way of saying thank you to all of my fans and supporters around the world.

What has been the hardest part and best part about 2020 for you?

The hardest part about 2020 has definitely been not being able to hug people! I really miss hugging people! I think the best part has been connecting with new fans in new ways and really getting out of my comfort zone creatively! Where do

you hope to be in 2021?

On the other side of 2020!

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photo credit: AdELA

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