Design Stories: Koss KPH30i

Design Stories: Koss KPH30i


The acclaimed Koss KPH30i on-ear headphone shares the design DNA of its predecessors, the Koss Pro35 and popular KTXPro1.

From the very first conceptual drawings and prototypes, to the final product - the KPH30i was designed to be an affordable, portable and lightweight headphone with an incredibly spacious and expansive sound profile.

KPH30i delivers on all fronts and has quickly become one of the most popular and celebrated on-ear headphones around the world.

 During development, every part of the KPH30i was meticulously and carefully crafted with comfort, weight - and most importantly - The Sound of Koss in mind. The results speak for themselves.

With an all-new patented suspension and adjustable lightweight headband, the KPH30i was designed to provide the absolute perfect fit for hours of comfortable listening enjoyment.

Ever since John C. Koss invented the World’s first SP/3 Stereophone in 1958, Koss has continued to invent legendary headphones like the ESP/6, PRO/4AA, HV/1A, Porta Pro® and Pro4S.

KPH30i joins the company of these legendary Koss Headphones with breathtaking sound due to its lightweight chassis, open air design and legendary drivers.

The Koss KPH30i truly delivers incredibly high-end sound at an affordable price. It’s built on a durable yet ultra-lightweight platform that delivers a patent pending suspension, legendary drivers and rugged new cord system.

Hearing is Believing and you won't believe what you hear the first time you listen to your favorite music on one of the world's greatest headphones - the Koss KPH30i.


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