Interview: Grace Weber - "Find A Way"

Interview: Grace Weber - "Find A Way"

Singer/Songwriter Grace Weber recently released her new single and Music Video for "Find A Way." We sat down with Weber to talk about her new track, the concept behind the video and how fans have been reacting through their own resilience stories.

What does your new song "Find A Way" mean to you?

This song really helped me out of place where I felt lost and hopeless. I had to sing to this song in order to find myself again.

It felt really important to share the song with people because I wanted people to know that no matter what you’re going through or how low you feel, you can get through it, and can pick yourself up from the darkest places, and you can find your way again.

What emotion did you want to capture when writing/producing “Find A Way”

I wanted it to feel as raw as possible, as human as possible. I wanted people to feel resilience when they listened to the song and be comforted knowing that if I could find my way again, they could too.

Favorite line from the song and why?

I love the first lyric ‘the heart is as strong as it is fragile, it won’t give up without a fight” because I love that it sets up this resilient, fighter energy right at the top of the song.

At the same time, it also acknowledges how sensitive and fragile our hearts are and that’s it normal to feel hurt and broken sometimes. I like the balance between the soft and strong sides of being human in that lyric, which I hope is a balance that the rest of the song captures as well. 

Your new music video for “Find A Way” seems to really focus on the lyrics, melody and emotion. Was this intentional?

Yeah, we wanted to showcase the lyrics and the song in the most direct way I know how, and for me that’s singing. We wanted the song to be what guides you through the visual and we wanted the visual to be as raw as possible in order for people to experience the emotion as unfiltered as we could.

We also wanted the song to feel personal to each person, so that everyone could connect with the song in their own way and so that the message of resilience could be translated to everyone's unique story.

Tell us about those Koss Pro4S Studio Headphones in the video!

I've been such a fan of the Koss headphones ever since I was introduced last year!

The cool thing about the Koss Pro4S Studio Headphones is that they sound incredible, they're made for everything you need to hear music in a studio setting/while you're tracking or mixing, but they're also extremely light weight and comfortable, so you can wear them for as long as you want. It almost feels like clouds or pillows on your ears, lol.

Tell us about how fans have been reacting to “Find a Way" through their own resilience stories.

It's been extremely inspiring seeing people sharing their own stories of resilience in the "Find A Way Stories.' There's a woman named Maggie Printz who shared her story of going through the struggle of infertility, another woman named Nicole who is sharing her story of losing both of her legs after an unknown heart condition, and a woman named Nada who told her story about finding her way after a stroke.

It's an incredible thing when people share their stories of resilience, because it helps remind others that they can get through their struggles as well. As Nada said, "If I can help anyone through their struggle then it was all worth it. Coming out the other side and helping others get out too...I call it a silver lining."

Is “Find A Way” a theme or anthem for the rest of what we can expect from your new album?

The theme of "Resilience" is a big motif for the album. The balance of light and dark, strength and fragility, is woven through the album in a way that I hope shows the humanness of everyone's journeys and creates space for a conversation about having empathy for and coming home to yourself.

When will your new album be released?

For now...all I can say is...soon

Watch Grace Weber's new music video for "Find A Way" below

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