Coffee Cart : Concept

Koss collaboration with Stone Creek Coffee.
To kickoff "Projects" we're teaming up with our friends from Stone Creek Coffee to reimagine the office coffee cart. Below are sketches from our initial brainstorm. Coffee Cart Inspiration

Inspiration: Chuck Wagon

The chuck wagon was the heart of the wagon train. Self contained and designed for travel, the chuck wagon provided all the comforts of a country kitchen - in the country. The essential cooking components were concealed in cabinets behind a folding utility table. Made of cast iron, wood, tin, copper, and pewter - each kitchen element was durable enough to survive a rugged, cross-country voyage.

Coffee Cart Study

Study: Conventional Carts

Discarded, abandoned, hidden in a hotel hallway. Cast aside in the corridor of convention. Overlooked and underinspired, banal. Noble in its pragmatism, honorable in its mission, the coffee cart provides life saving nourishment. Its design should be elevated to reflect the essential service it provides.

Coffee Cart Improvement

Improvement: Necessities

Coffee is essential for life, so is music. Most survival guides get that wrong. Every coffee cart we've encountered so far seems to have been missing one critical component - an absolutely bumping sound system. Our cart will deliver more than coffee, it'll bring the noise - and the party too.

4 Coffee Cart Process

Process: Coffee Prep. + Service

Our friends at Stone Creek are (self-proclaimed) coffee geeks. After you've sampled their product, you'll agree - these guys know coffee. That's why we asked them to design an optimized coffee system for our cart.

5 Coffee Cart Considerations

Considerations: Operation + Safety/Security

In theory, the coffee cart should be prepared for every contingency life may throw at it. Additional considerations might include: survival pack, movie projector, tools and additional hardware, flood lights, party lights, disco ball, fog machine, limbo stand... the list continues. (And don't forget about doughnuts)

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