A Little Help From His Friends

Tony Bennett, Bobby Hackett. 1966
In a 2012 interview John C. Koss, himself a jazz musician, spoke about the artists he'd listened to, and later befriended following his invention of the Stereophone: "The first guy to call me was Bobby Hackett, he was on tour and staying in Chicago. He came up to see us with Tony Bennett. Tony Bennett was traveling with him, just getting started. So, they took the phones back to New York, they loved them. They helped introduce me to other people in New York.
Frank Sinatra Jr. 1966 Frank Sinatra Jr. 1966
There was Walt Levinsky from the Tonight Show. We met in the Air Force band in 1951 in Madison, WI. Frank (Sinatra) Jr. became another friend who was very helpful. There were a whole bunch of other people who got me in to see other people. Marian Evans was another guy on Forty Ninth Street. He was an arranger, wonderful guy. All the big guys would drop in there - usually starting at about midnight or one o'clock in the morning. We'd set up the living room with all the phones and you’d go up there and see half a dozen musicians laying all over the living room floor listening to the phones and having a great time. We all became friendly for years, it just blossomed as we went along. There were so many people who were helpful." Read more about Our Story.
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