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A compilation of doodles of Koss products.

Koss Products (Abridged) 1958-2015

While working on "Our Story" we compiled a huge photo record of Koss products. Below we put our doodling skills to th... more

An old Koss Stereophones advertisement.

Profile: SP/3X

Following the original Koss SP/3 in 1958, the improved SP/3X was released in 1960. Listeners of the era were experien... more

Vintage photograph of Koss TV rentals.

John C. Koss TV Rental Company, 1953

Before revolutionizing the way we listen to music, John C. Koss was a tinkerer. Koss had a small business repairing... more

Tony Bennett, Bobby Hackett. 1966

A Little Help From His Friends

In a 2012 interview John C. Koss, himself a jazz musician, spoke about the artists he'd listened to, and later befrie... more

Vintage photograph of musicians.

The Musician

John C. Koss began his career as a jazz musician in the late 1940's. more

Vintage Koss Photograph

Retrospective: The Story of Koss.

The introduction of stereophones changed the way we interact with music. In our new 'Retrospective' section, we tell ... more