Vagabond + Koss Taco of the Month

Vagabond + Koss Taco of the Month
Koss has partnered with Vagabond, a local restaurant located in the heart of Milwaukee's entertainment district, to create a unique dining experience throughout the month of December. Starting December 3rd, visit Vagabond and experience the Koss Taco which features tender house rubbed hanger steak, sautéed in picos salsa, topped with onion, cilantro, pineapple and avocado cream. Pair the Koss Taco with a custom Margarita mixed with Repo Altos tequila, simple syrup, blood orange bitters, lime juice topped with champagne. Along with weekly headphone giveaways - each Koss Taco comes with a 30% Off code which can be used at the Koss Outlet Store in Milwaukee or at Below, we sat down with Vagabond to talk about their history, their food and our partnership. Tell us a little bit about Vagabond. We offer a wide variety of street tacos, small plates and entrees combined with house made margaritas. The atmosphere is a throwback to all things Americana, from the 1970's Airstreams and boomboxes to a wall of retro speakers merging street food and street life. How did the idea of the 'Taco of the Month' come about? We were brainstorming ways to create a partnership with local businesses to grow our brand and support other local businesses that fit our style and concept. We are a Milwaukee business and wanted to highlight other great businesses in our community. How did you get involved with Koss? We have a variety of DJ's that play at Vagabond. One of our resident DJ's, DJ Dex connected us to Martin Moore the Content Developer at Koss. What's your most popular menu item? Our standard margarita is a staple on the menu. The Flamin' Hot Cheeto Taco is also a fan favorite. What is your most interesting menu item? We have a few unique drinks including our Graffiti Punch. It's a Capri Sun and we magically add tequila in it! Fun and delicious. What does being in a city like Milwaukee offer when serving street food vs other cities? It's a growing trend in our city. Lot's of new food trucks popping up around, along with different new restaurants. We try and capture a certain aesthetic that is unique to the city, and flavors in our food that are fresh exciting. Tell us about those Airstreams! We have two Airstreams INSIDE and one outside on the patio. We had to cut them in half in order to get them inside and have the folks at Flux Design help us with that and the rest of the bar. Again, the Airstream is a homage to all things Americana. For people who may have not experienced Vagabond, what do you guys offer that's unique? We like to think we have a lot of unique aspects about Vagabond. For example we have “Dinner Theatre” every Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 5:30-9:30pm. It’s a rotation of 5 local DJ’s playing a set while you eat. Street Eats. Street Beats.


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