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Travel Tips from Koss Headphones
Michael J. Koss, Jr. gave us a few of his quick tips that make travel easier: 1. Stay Hydrated:
“Water is everything while traveling. Avoid expensive bottled water at the airport by bringing a water bottle with you and filling it up once you pass security. Nalgene bottles are great & they have a lifetime warranty.”  Koss Travel Tips | Drink Water, stay hydrated with a Nalgene water bottle 2. Carry-On:
“I try to carry-on as much as possible to avoid lost luggage. I recently got a GORUCK GR2 (after hearing about them from this article that features both of our brands). The GR2 fits everything. It’s incredibly rugged, has a lifetime warranty & is built in USA!” Koss Travel Tips | Bring a backpack 3. Bring a Book:
“I still always travel with a book. You never know when your iPad or Kindle might run out of batteries, so it always helps to have a physical back up. Right now I am re-reading “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel, it’s an incredibly informative book about business & the future.” Koss Travel Tips | Bring a book to read. We recommend Zero to One 4. Netflix Downloads:
“The new Netflix feature that allows you to download is amazing for entertainment, not so great for productivity. Being able to download Netflix movies and shows brings binge watching to a whole new level. I can’t wait for Season 5 of House of Cards which premieres May 30, 2017.” 5. Share your Content:
“The all-new UR42i launched a couple months ago. They have a unique feature that allows them to be used as a splitter. So if you are watching your favorite show or movie, listening to your favorite song or band, whoever is sitting next to you can plug their headphones into the UR42i and watch/listen along. I have found this feature to be especially helpful when traveling with my niece & nephews!” Koss Travel Tips | Share your content with the UR42i 6. Extra Layers:
“Always be prepared for a cold flight. No matter the destination, I bring an extra layer just in case it gets cold on the plane. I really like the North Face TKA 100 fleece sweater. They come in lots of colors & don’t take up much room in my bag. You can typically find them at great discount prices at the end of seasons.” 7. Tune Out:
“Lately, I have been using the new Koss KEB25i in-ear headphones for travel. They are super compact so they take up virtually no space in my bag. They are also incredibly isolating and comfortable because of the unique foam cushions that form to your ears. Whether it’s a quick 1-hour long flight to Minneapolis or a 16-hour long flight to Hong Kong, the KEB25i are perfect.” Koss Travel Tips | Bring along a pair of KEB25i in-ear headphones. They are super compact so they take up virtually no space in your bag Follow Michael on Twitter: @mkossjr
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