Koss Porta Pro® Collection

Koss Porta Pro® Collection



For over 30 years the acclaimed Koss Porta Pro® has set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide.

Introduction in 1984, Porta Pro® was developed to take personal listening to a whole new level. The Koss Porta Pro® continues to be one of the most popular headphones around the world.

Great sound never goes out of style and Porta® Pro has truly stood the test of time due to it's lightweight open-air design, oxygen free copper voice coils and dynamic elements which delivers rich bass and a remarkably wide frequency response.

The elements used in the Koss Porta Pro® evolved from the Koss Sound Partner (known as the KSP) the World’s first portable Stereophone to collapse into a ball to go anywhere. The unique design of the KSP transferred the weight and pressure of the headband assembly from the ears to the temporal bone.

This design allowed the engineers to experiment with an open air, integral design, that could essentially float on the ear. Pressure was modulated with a “Comfort Zone Switch” that allowed open air performance with enough dynamic coupling to deliver a rock-solid bottom end.

Music lovers couldn’t believe their ears. Koss had managed to deliver an open sound stage with a bass response in something small enough to enjoy anywhere. It was the type of performance people didn’t believe possible, until they heard it for themselves. Big sound, in a tiny package….

Over the years Porta Pro® has seen a myriad of iterations including two Limited Edition versions, an all Black Colorway as well as versions fitted with the latest technologies like Bluetooth® and in-line microphone and remote.

One thing that hasn't changed since its introduction in 1984 is it's classic sound which is virtually unchanged.

Whether you’re listening at home or on the go, the Koss Porta Pro® delivers all the excitement of a live performance, no matter which version you choose.

Explore the wide-array of Koss Porta Pro® colorways, models and gear at the all-new Porta Pro® Collection Storefront.

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