Koss + MilwaukeeHome

Koss + MilwaukeeHome
In 2011, Melissa Thornton came up with the design for MilwaukeeHome. Almost immediately MilwaukeeHome transformed into one of the most popular brands in Milwaukee, selling more than 40,000 shirts to worldwide. This winter we have teamed up with MilwaukeeHome to create custom products as well as a listening exerience that is truley unique. We recently sat down with Melissa (founder of MilwaukeeHome) to talk about her brand, her store and new partnership with Koss. Line How was MilwaukeeHome started? Nothing about MilwaukeeHome, as a business, was intentional. I designed the original T-shirt to give as a Christmas present and paired the words Milwaukee and Home and made two prints on zazzle.com.

My friend started wearing it out all the time. We were at Bel Air and somebody came up and said, "Where did you get that?" So, I thought it would be cool to see people wearing her shirt, so I made more of them. I sold them from my car outside bars and events and gave away shirts to local DJs and bar owners. After that everyone wanted one.

What was the reasoning behind expanding your store to include other Milwaukee-based brands? I decided to expand the store because I knew I could always make different variations of the MilwaukeeHome shirt, but I wanted to do something bigger. I do it already on social media and through the collaborations I do. I wanted to become a platform to now carry all brands of Milwaukee, because that's what MilwaukeeHome really stands for. The one stop shop to get a piece of Milwaukee culture.

How did your partnership with Koss begin? Koss actually reached out to me at the beginning of the year to collaborate on some Koss gear. So as that was happening I thought for sure they needed to be a part of the expansion. Where do you see MilwaukeeHome in 10 years? I want MilwaukeeHome to be around forever, even after I'm gone. I want it to be that Brand for the city, the "I Love New York" for the Milwaukee people. Line This weekend we are unveiling our one of a kind "Stereophone Booth" located inside the MilwaukeeHome Store. The Stereophone Booth features our latest products not only to buy, but to try. Step into the booth, close the door and plug in your music player. Try out a wide range of Koss Headphones from our acclaimed Porta Pro® to the BT540i Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones. Check out the video below showing the making of the Sterephone Booth:
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