Interview: Mic Kellogg

Interview: Mic Kellogg

We recently sat down with Producer/Singer/Rapper Mic Kellogg to talk about his music, his motivation and his new song "Ambition."

Tell us about yourself.

What’s goood! My name’s Michael Kellogg. I’m a producer/singer/rapper from Madison WI.

How has music shaped who you are?

Music has shaped the direction of my life since I was in high school. I took a class called Hip Hop studies, where I learned to make beats and turn my spoken word into melodies. I fell in love with the culture and the people involved in making music. When I’m curating a song, there’s a certain freedom and stress relief I get that I can’t find anywhere else.

Tell us about your new song "Ambition."

I just dropped a promo video for my new song “Ambition.” The visuals and artwork for this song were to pay homage to my grandfather that passed away earlier this year. I wanted to embrace the vibe of just kickin back at my grandparents' house.


What has been your biggest triumph?

I think my greatest triumph so far would be playing a number of big shows. From main stage Freakfest in Madison, to opening up for a sold out crowd at the Rave. I get a high when I’m on stage performing. It’s the best feeling in the world!


What has been your biggest tribulation?

My biggest tribulation would have to be fighting depression. It’s super easy to get down on your craft as an artist and think your no good. There are days when I want to quit, but channeling that negative energy into my music, and making something positive is what I strive for.


How did you get involved with Koss?

I got involved with Koss about 5 years ago when I reached out to Charlie Koss on instragram. His grandfather started the entire company. We met up to shoot some pictures and ended up really vibing... the rest is history.

What's one thing you wish you could change about the music industry?

One thing I would change about the industry is the overt use of sexuality. It seams now days, it’s more about having a look than having actual talent. I think good music should just speak for itself, without the artist having to be the “entire package”.

If you weren't doing music, what else would you be doing?

If I wasn’t doing music I would definitely be an entrepreneur involved in the food industry. I’d have a little bagel sandwich place on the corner that would double as an art gallery or local venue. I grew up in a small restaurant/pub in Madison that my family owned. Food just brings people closer together and I love that.

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

A lot of people don’t know that my last name is actually Kellogg. They think it’s more of a gimmick. Kelloggs has always been a staple in my life. My family collected a lot of Tony the Tiger memorabilia and other novelty things. My first Tattoo was a 60’s Tony the Tiger on my side.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee?

My favorite thing about MKE is the diversity. Soo many different people. Soo many characters in this city. Soo many different cultures to soak in. It’s a city of art, music & beer. How can anyone be mad at that?!

Finally, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I see myself on a tour bus with my friends and family. Playing shows and seeing the world. Hopefully being able to give back to all the people that helped me along the way. Line Follow Mic Kellogg on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Website Find his entire discography on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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