Interview: Genesis Renji

Interview: Genesis Renji

We're back with another one-on-one with Milwaukee Hip-Hop Artist Genesis Renji to talk about creating during the pandemic, giving back and his new #RNJIMix Series.

It’s been almost a year since our last interview together. How have things been? What’s new with Genesis Renji?

Things have been. Haha. I'm doing great. I've been traveling lately while responsibly staying healthy and socially distancing. Most of it has been for work, recording music and other artists. Lately I've been making a lot of new content to continually release since I've finished my weekly releases of new music during lockdown.

In the last interview we talked about Hip-Hop Week MKE. With pandemic hindering live shows, events etc. how have you adapted and stayed creative during all of this?

COVID threw off a few plans I had for the year but it was an easy pivot to make. I ended up releasing a song a week during the quarantine, about 16 in total. I also started creating and releasing more visual content to keep people engaged. Going live while I'm recording and letting folks chime in. One of those being the RNJIMix series.

Tell us about ‘Renji Remixes’

Yea, so the Renji Remixes, titled as RNJIMix, are me taking popular songs and throwing my own spin onto them. Then I film a video of me performing the tracks "in-studio" for people to watch and enjoy. You guys at Koss have been great enough to partner with me for this series and giveaway product for the supporters and artists who engage with the series as well.

Why did you decide to start this project?

This project was another way to keep myself relevant but in a new outlet. Dropping audio in today's climate is like dumping water into an ocean. Video content is a better way to still release what you've created and seperate yourself.

Tell us a little about your involvement with Koss on this project and why it was important to give something back to your fans? 

I've always wanted to partner with Koss on something. For about the last 4-5 years I've had a few ideas but didn't have the introduction or contact to do it. After meeting the homie Martin Moore the Content Developer at Koss and building our relationship, I've been able to bring new ideas to Koss and we were able to implement this one. As far as giving back to my fans it's something that I have to do. I started this year saying I wanted to start paying dividends out. For the people in my corner who've supported me I want to reward their faith and loyalty in me. Koss has been able to help me bring this to life.

You bounce back and forth between D.C. and Milwaukee. What are some of the similarities between the two music scenes, and what is one of the biggest differences?

The similarities between the two cities from my perspective are the tight knit creative communities. The people in the scene know everybody involved in the scene and have great respect for each other. The biggest difference is the style of music. D.C. is known for its gogo style of music that's heavily embedded in their culture. While Milwaukee is known for specific styles of music from the different areas in the city, there isn't a solidified "sound" yet. I find that more of an advantage than anything though.

When you’re not making music, producing or traveling, what does Genesis Renji like to do to unwind and forget about the world?

Genesis Renji does not unwind. Haha. Seriously, I love working out, reading, watching movies, and getting tattoos.

What are you most looking forward too if/when things start getting back to normal?

I don't think things will go back to normal. I'm looking forward to the evolution we're witnessing and experiencing. The thing I'm most excited for is international travel. This passport is naked and I plan on changing that sooner than later.

Where can people find the Renji Remixes series?

The RNJIMix series are on my YouTube channel ( If you have a song request you'd like to see me remix, comment on a video or reach out to me on any social medias at @genesisrenji.

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