Immersive Koss Headphones for Virtual Reality

Immersive Koss Headphones for Virtual Reality
If you’ve ever tried VR without the right headphones, you probably discovered where the term virtual came from. Here’s a reality check: The engineers at Koss have been bringing back the excitement of a live performance for nearly 60 years. Isn’t it time you brought the virtual part of VR back to life?

Hearing is Believing

Porta Pro Headphones for Virtual Reality

Porta Pro

The reviews are in. The Koss Porta Pro is the hands down best value in headphones you can own. Period. And here’s an added bonus: If you search the web you will find many comments from VR experts who believe the Porta Pro are the perfect headphones for the ultimate VR experience. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.
Pro4S Headphones for Virtual Reality


VR tends to emphasize a wide-open sound field…but you want isolation: the Pro4S is the answer. Not only does the iconic “D-Profile” add a level of comfort, the neutral sound performance of the Pro4S lets VR creators take the subtlest nuance to an extreme.
Pro4S Headphones for Virtual Reality


Immerse yourself within the Virtual world with the all-new BT539i Wireless Bluetooth® headphones that feature 12+ hours of full-size expansive sound. Take your VR on the go with these Wireless Bluetooth® headphones, which are perfect for mobile VR use.
KEB25i Headphones for Virtual Reality


If you prefer in-ear headphones, the KEB25i is perfect for an isolating VR experience. The KEB25i feature unique form-fitting foam tips that perfectly form to your ears for an incredibly comfortable fit.
UR23i Headphones for Virtual Reality


“Ultra Light”…”Supremely comfortable”….”Balanced for hours of listening,” Music lovers around the world are discovering the Sound of Koss with this entry level Stereophone that shows off the magic of the “D” shape design.
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