Interview: Ian Bennett

Interview: Ian Bennett

We recently sat down with Ian Bennett Midfielder for the Milwaukee Wave to talk about Soccer, Milwaukee, Motivation and Music.


For those who don't know who you are, introduce yourself.

My name is Ian Bennett and I'm a kid from Canada that had a dream to be a professional soccer player and I'm blessed that the dream came true! I play Midfielder for the Milwaukee Wave.

We recently clinched the MASL Central Division Championship and are currently locked in as the #1 Seed!

Ian Bennett Milwaukee Wave Koss BT5450i

How Did You Become Interested In Soccer?

My dad was big into soccer, he always had it on at home. He coached me until I was fourteen, he taught me the game at a early age. He never let me make excuses and always told me to work hard at my dreams. I look up to him and he will always be my role model!

What Keeps You Motivated As An Athlete?

Pushing myself to be the best player that I can be. Winning championships and being apart of a team.

How Does Music Prepare you For A Game?

Music plays a huge part in my life and especially for a game. Music gets me hyped up and puts my swagger at a 100%!!! It helps me to focus on the task.

Ian Bennett ib26 Koss Pro Dj200

What Would It Mean To Bring Another Ron Newman Cup Back To Milwaukee?

That would mean a lot, it would be amazing for the city and fans! The people in Milwaukee play a huge part for the Wave and they deserve to have the Cup come through Milwaukee. I love this city and it is my second home.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Milwaukee?

The people and all the different festivals at summer time.

What Is One Thing Most People Don't Know About You?

My left calf is bigger than my right one and I have prettiest toes on the team.

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment On The Field? Winning 2 championships for the Wave!

Ian Bennett Milwaukee Wave Koss ProDJ200 ( photo credit: Justin Jackson )

If You Wern't Playing Soccer, What Else Would You Be Doing?

Working with kids or something with fashion. I recently launched my ib26 clothing line and it's doing really well. The brand is to "inspire greatness" and spread positivity! I want people to believe in themselves and overcome any obstacles in their way!

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