Interview: Grace Weber "How Did We Get Here"

Interview: Grace Weber "How Did We Get Here"

Singer/Songwriter Grace Weber recently released her highly anticipated EP "How Did We Get Here" (available now on all music platforms). We got to talk with Weber about the excitement surrounding the release of her new EP, the theme's she explores and how she has been surviving quarantine. 

Congratulations on your new EP! How does it feel to finally have it out in the world?

Thank you!! It feels amazing to be able to get the music out there, I'm so excited people are vibing with it and that it's connecting.

What are some of the theme's you've explored on this new EP?

The project is about comeback and renewal after a tough season. It's about standing up for yourself, owning your worth, and stepping into confidence. I went through a tough time last year, and I needed to make this project to process some things that happened and to be able to move forward.

It was healing for me to find a sense of empowerment through writing these songs and to be able to tell myself that I can pick myself up, shake off the dirt, and keep going.

You've always been generous with your fans - what was the idea behind working with Koss Headphones to celebrate your new EP?

I'm such a huge fan of Koss Headphones, especially (maybe this is obvious) how they sound. I was so excited about doing a month-long giveaway and the idea of my fans being able to listen to the new EP on really high quality headphones and be able to hear all the nuances in the production and mixing.

The project was mixed by the amazing Aaron Berman (on headphones during quarantine!!) and he did such an amazing job creating this beautiful and rich sonic environment, I want people to people able to hear his artistry in all its detail. Partnering with Koss on this means everything to me, I'm so grateful to be able to give my fans these dope headphones and spread the word about experiencing music in hi fi sound.

Of course we have to ask, how have you been surviving quarantine?

Well, I've actually mostly been working on "How Did We Get Here" during quarantine!! I literally finished the last vocal in the studio a day or two before quarantine started in March, and since then I've been working every day finishing the EP from my apartment, mixing it over the phone, making the cover art on photoshop, and prepping everything for the rollout! I've also been trying to be as creative as I can be in general, trying to paint more and do more cover videos.

I've been calling the whole process "riding the quarantine waves," some weeks I feel driven and inspired and super energetic, and other weeks I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. But i'm just trying to accept the waves of different feelings and keep on surfing.

What is your favorite part when it comes time to finally releasing new music?

Hearing what my fans and friends and family think about the music. I just hope my music makes people feel something, and getting to hear from the people that I love that it does that, makes me feel like I did my job.

What has been the best part about writing this new EP?

Best part about writing the EP, besides writing the lyrics and that being such a healing process for me, was getting to work on the project with producers, Louie Lastic and Jack Dine.

They're both really amazing artists, musicians, and people, so the whole process of making the EP with them was honestly so fun and easy. It all just came together and we were all really excited about the music during the whole process. It was refreshing and inspiring to work with them.

If there's ONE THING you want people to take away after listening "How Did We Get Here" what would it be?

I hope people get to experience being in the moment with the music and that it maybe helps them tune in to themselves for 15 minutes, almost like meditation. The lyrics on the project are really important to me and so I hope people connect to the stories in the songs and maybe find some empowerment or healing for themselves in the music.

When and where can people find your new EP? "How Did We Get Here" is out now!! You can hear it anywhere you listen to music!!

Listen to Grace Weber on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud & YouTube.

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