Designing the KPH7 Wireless

Designing the KPH7 Wireless

Just because something doesn’t cost a lot, doesn’t mean that it can’t be great. Koss asked the question, “Why should a wireless headphone be any different”? and the KPH7 Wireless is the answer. The all-new Koss KP7 Wireless is a great achievement in design, sound and technology for its attainable price point. Koss set out to create an ultra-lightweight wireless headphone that not only looked good, sounded great and was affordable - but had to feature the latest technologies like Bluetooth® 5.0, on-board microphone & controls and access to smart voice assistants. Below we take you from Concept to Creation and share the design process of the new KPH7 Wireless. 




Designing the KPH7 Wireless started off with drawings. A lot of drawings.


CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Once the basic design and user interface were defined it was on to CAD.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is where the story of KPH7 Wireless takes shape, creating everything from the headband to the ear-cups; to the element housing and controls.

3D Printing

Once initial CAD designs are complete, dummy prototypes can be 3D printed, tested for fit, size and comfort.

Fit, Finish & Materials

Not only does a headphone have to sound great, but it also has to look good and fit the myriad of different shapes and head sizes. Choosing the right cushion fabrics, chassis materials and finishes is an extremely import element when designing a headphone.

Not only do the right materials affect how a headphone fits and feels; but those materials can also affect how a headphone sounds as well.

Sound Engineering

Once the fit, finish and build of the KPH7 Wireless were set, it was on to engineering.

Every Koss Stereophone goes through a rigorous process of testing and tuning to ensure not only KPH7 Wireless, but every Koss Headphone adheres to the 'Sound of Koss' principles set by founder John C. Koss more than a half century ago.

Final Product

The new KPH7 Wireless delivers on all of its ambitious goals, and Koss succeeded in creating an ultra-lightweight affordable wireless headphone that is loaded with features.

Not only is it an answer to the question of accessibility that drove it's development, its quickly becoming the solution for portable listening around the globe.

From the latest technologies like Bluetooth® 5.0 and on-board microphone & controls - to it's portable, fold-flat design and adjustable headband - to it's sleek modern design; the all-new Koss KPH7 Wireless Bluetooth® Headphone is truly an achievement in sound, style, function and affordability.

Finally there's a wireless headphone solution that everyone can afford to enjoy.

Watch below as Koss shares the design process of the KPH7 Wireless.

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