Design Stories: KEB90 Utility

Design Stories: KEB90 Utility

The all-new Koss KEB90 Utility packs incredible sound into a small in-ear design with a sleek stealth grey aluminum enclosure.

When engineers sat down to design a new in-ear headphone the goal was simple, to create the type of expansive listening experience Koss is known for, as well as give listeners the freedom and flexibility to connect to virtually any device they own.

This started with the with precisely angled dynamic element stems which would provide optimal fit and performance as well as accommodate a myriad of different ear shapes and sizes.

A highly precision machined aluminum rear enclosure with durable anodized finish and laser etched engraving would encase the elements, all in a sleek stealth gray colorway.

A rear sound port with stainless steel micro mesh would also be used for maximum acoustical reproduction. This sound port not only delivers a more expansive open-back experience, but also doubles to relieve pressure from inside the ears, a common problem with many in-ear headphones.

The design of the KEB90 Utility would also receive a flat, tangle-free audio cord with color coded strain reliefs.

Not only would this give listeners quick visual identification for the left and right channels, but also ensure a tangle-free experience when listening to music or transporting the KEB90 Utility.

One of the biggest additions to the KEB90 Utility's design would be adding the power of Koss Utility Series.

Because Utility Series features a detachable cord system, users would have the freedom and flexibility to connect to virtually any device they own now, or in the future.

Included with KEB90 Utility is the 3.5mm standard headphone jack Utility cord.

An available MFi Certified Lightning Utility cord and USB-C Utility cord with a built in 24-bit/96kHz DAC for high-resolution audio are also available. Both the Lightning and USB-C Utility cords feature an in-line microphone and remote for taking calls and controlling music.

The all-new KEB90 Utility introduces a truly remarkable listening experience all without batteries, connectivity concerns or audio compromises.

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