Blog Recaps: Koss & Mad Men Season Six Premiere

Koss advertisement.
Koss headphones were recently featured in the Mad Men season 6 premiere. After an insensitive comedic routine on the Tonight Show, Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) is forced to redo Koss' ad campaign. See how the show was reviewed and how Peggy handled the crisis. Read these great recaps of Mad Men Season Six: The DoorWay: In honor of our part on the show, we will be running a headphone give-away for the rest of the month on our Facebook page (, each headphone will come with a one-of-a-kind Koss Stereophone print, autographed by the inventor of the World's First SP/3 Stereophone, John C. Koss. “Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Unpacked: From Koss Headphones to Electric Love” by Jen Carlson ( “An in-depth look into the historical references in the hit TV series, Mad Men. A look at the ad campaign Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) is currently working on during the season premiere.” Milwaukee: “Koss Corporation plays role in Mad Men premiere” by Michael J. Koss ( “A recap of the Season Six Mad Men premiere featuring an ad campaign crisis for Koss Corporation.” “Mad Men Premiere Recap: Blue Hawaii” by Matt Creamer ( “Matt Creamer writes an extensive recap of the Mad Men premiere that featured Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) battle a crisis involving a Koss Corporation ad campaign for the 1968 Super Bowl” “Mad Men Returns: Death Is Everywhere – Roger Sterling, This is My Funeral” by Roger Friedman ( “Roger Friedman recaps the Mad Men Season Six premiere.” “Mad Men Premiere Recap: The Jumping Off Point” by Sarene Leeds ( “Sarene Leeds writes an in-depth review of the major story lines in the Mad Men Season Six Premiere.” “Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Review: The Jumping Off Point” by MaryAnn Sleasman ( “A great recap of the entire Mad Men Season 6 premiere “The DoorWay”, touching on Peggy Olsen’s (Elisabeth Moss)work on adverting a potential crisis for the Koss ad campaign.” “Mad Men’s creator on Season 6 Big Premiere” by Michael Schneider ( “An interview with Mad Men series creator Matthew Weiner, dissecting a few things from the season opener” “Mad Men Premiere Recap: Walking Through The DoorWay” by Maureen Ryan ( “Maureen Ryan writes an extensive review of the Mad Men premiere, a must read for fans of the show”Koss Legacy Sweep Stakes
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