Always Check the Warranty

Koss Warranty
Ever since my grandfather, John C. Koss, invented the world's first SP3 Stereophone in 1958 our focus has been on you and your experience with our headphones. Today, more than ever, it's critical to create products that last a lifetime. That’s why you'll find a lifetime warranty on ~98%* of the products in our line. Too many brands ignore quality & then offer no responsible warranty. Moreover, some go so far as to create products that intentionally fail. It's a way to force you to buy a new version. The practice is called "Planned Obsolescence.” We are fundamentally against planned obsolescence. All it does is create landfills. Koss is recognized worldwide for our Warranty Program. Always check a product's warranty - it's the best way to see what the company thinks about it & more importantly what they really think about you. Michael Koss

Michael J. Koss Jr. VP Marketing & Product

Follow Michael Koss, Jr. on Twitter @mkossjr *sorry...we can't warrant batteries for your lifetime!
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