Drop x Porta Pro® On Ear Headphones

Available exclusively through Drop, the Drop x Koss Porta Pro® On-Ear stereo headphones are a custom version of the acclaimed Koss Porta Pro®, one of the most popular headphones around the world.
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Koss collaborated with San Francisco-based Drop to develop the Porta Pro® X, tapping into its unique “Community-Driven” commerce platform to inform the product. Featuring the unmatched portability and sound quality of the original, the Drop x Koss Porta Pro® X On-Ear headphones come in Drop’s exclusive midnight blue and features an inline microphone and remote.

The rest stays true to the original: Porta Pro® has set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide. Known for its high-level of comfort, the Porta Pro® has adjustable temporal pads to relieve pressure on the ears. Its lightweight, open-air cushions for hear-through sound keep listeners aware of their surroundings while delivering exceptional sound.

The oxygen free copper voice coils and dynamic elements allow the Porta Pro® to deliver rich bass and a remarkably wide frequency response.

Whether you’re listening at home or on the go, the Koss Porta Pro® delivers all the excitement of a live performance.

PORTA PRO is Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is a trademark of Koss Corporation in other countries.