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Packing the one-two punch of passive and active noise reduction (ANR), the Koss Quiet Zone QZ PRO headphones are the noise cancelling headphones of choice for music lovers. Their comfort and collapsibility – not to mention sound quality – make them a favorite among travelers.

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For passive noise reduction, the QZPRO feature soft leatherette, closed cushions, which create a tight seal around the ear and reduce ambient noise, all while retaining bass frequencies. Active noise cancellation circuitry – embedded into each QZPRO ear cup – uses tiny microphones that sample surrounding noise and transmit that information to a processing circuit, which then generates "anti-waves" to counteract the unwanted noise and create a peaceful listening environment. No need for noise cancellation? No problem. Turn it off with the flick of a switch.

Not only do the Koss QZPRO excel at noise cancellation and reduction, they deliver uncannily high quality sound. The dynamic element bears a full frequency response of 40-20,000 Hz, allowing these noise cancelling headphones to boast deep bass and balanced midrange. Because for Koss, performance is more than a priority. It’s our legacy.


Customer Reviews

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Noise doesn’t exist with these!

I bought these on a whim and they’re perfect. Super noise isolating, look really cool and sound good. My only complaint is they don’t seem to get too loud. Which of course makes sense, but I wish I could hear the lower tones better. You can’t hear them in an empty room and you can’t hear outside noise outside of these either. Great for those with anxiety

Neil Barker
Effective for Economy Airline Passengers

I bought these about 10 years ago as they were one of the few available in regular high street stores. I fly the 8 hours from Chicago to London, so I needed something that reduces engine noise.
There are several reasons why I think they are good value. First, they are over-the-ear, which includes passive noise deadening materials that also block sound that transmits through your skull. In-the-ear headphones can't do this. Second, they are comfortable, with generous padded earmuffs made of a soft material. They adjust to various head sizes and have a padded hoop. Third, they have good active noise cancelling (ANC) circuitry that really reduces the most obnoxious sound frequencies. The sound goes from a roar to a background hiss. You are able to switch ANC on or off to conserve battery power. I always use 2 Duracell Optimum batteries which last the full round trip. Fourthly, they have an in-line volume adjustment so you can shut it down when the air stewards come round, without messing round with the on-screen settings. Fifth, they fold down into a cloth bag that comes with the kit. Lastly, they come with a stereo plug as standard, plus a 2-to-1 adapter for aircraft that use twin mono plugs. There is also an LED to show you when the ANC feature is active.
So, if you're like me and don't want to spend as much on headphones as the ticket, Koss remains my recommendation.

The History of Koss

The history of Koss spans over 60 years of ingenuity, integrity & innovation. #TheOriginal