Drop GMR-54X-ISO Gaming Headphones

Available exclusively through Drop, the Drop x Koss GMR-54X-ISO Gaming Headset is a custom version of the Koss GMR-540-ISO Gaming Headset.


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Koss collaborated with San Francisco-based Drop to develop the GMR-54X-ISO, tapping into its unique Community-Driven commerce platform to inform the product. The Drop x Koss GMR-54X- ISO comes in Drop's exclusive midnight blue and features small adjustments that make a big difference such as, reduced tension in already-lightweight headband for extended comfort during long gaming and listening sessions. Also included is a cord splitter, plus a boom microphone with a new volume/mute switch for quick adjustments on the fly.

The rest stays true to the original: The Drop x Koss GMR-54X-ISO features custom tuned elements and a closed-back design, delivering the isolating 3D sound game developers intended.

The over-ear design has the iconic Koss D-Profile ear-cups that mimic the shape of the ear to create the perfect seal and lasting comfort.


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