Headphone School: Open vs Closed

Headphone School: Open vs Closed

When you're buying a new pair of headphones, deciding wether Open or Closed-back is right for you can be confusing. Both versions create a different sound experience, which can make it difficult when deciding which model is right for you. Below we have laid out the differences between the two options, making it easier for you to choose which version is ideally suited for your needs.


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Closed-back headphones like the SP540, BT540i and Pro4S have been designed to create an isolated environment for complete gaming immersion. Because of it's closed-back design, the GMR-540-ISO blocks out unwanted ambient noise which is ideal for gaming situations where ambient noise interferes with your gaming experience. Great For: Libraries, Commuting, Apartments, Traveling, Gaming, Fitness


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Open-back headphones like the Porta Pro, ESP950 and AE500 have been engineered to create a realistic environment for expansive gaming experiences. The open-back design allows air to pass through the D-cup. In situations where unwanted ambient noise is not present (such as a living room or basement), they can often sound more airy, clear or spacious versus their closed counterparts. Great For : Living Room, Gaming Room, Wider Soundstage, Spatial Depth


Whichever version you choose, both feature the same ultra-lightweight design with an all-new custom fitting sling which allows the headphones to be comfortably worn for hours of gaming and extended use. Both versions also feature a detachable cord design and come equipped with two cords : an 8-foot extended cable with a boom microphone (with separate audio/voice plugs) and a 4-foot standard headphone cable with the Koss 1-touch microphone (with standard 3.5mm plug). So whether you game on Council or PC, Mobile or VR; both versions of the all-new Koss GMR Gaming Headphones offer solutions to your sound experience needs, so you can forget about the rest of the world, and just play.

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